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Divemaster & co-owner.
Amado is the Bongo Bongo Father! He is the founder of the company and is also the technician of the whole Bongo Crib. If he’s not diving, you can always find him somewhere fixing stuff or thinking of creating his own equipment. When he needs time off he loves to snorkle in the muck area, where he often bring guests and show them flambouyant cuttlefish, ghostpipe fish & wunderpuss’.
Tip: It’s never hard to make Amado laugh, just tell him a good joke, and you’ll get hundreds back…


Open water diver, co-owner & wife of Amado.
Without a doubt, She is the true boss of house. She can sometimes be shy and quiet at a corner, but that is only until she gets started with her jokes. If there is something that needs to be done Ethel will do it. When there is a party, Ethel is ruling the kitchen. She is also our head chef and our party planner! Join her cooking in the kitchen, where it is always a social event, and for sure it will always be worth it!
Tip: If you have a special dish you would like to share with the Bongo Bongo family, let Ethel know so she can help you out on cooking it and getting the ingredients in the local market.


Padi Instructor & co-owner.
Magnus is the typical young backpacker who got stuck too long. He’s a real dive & beach bum and just love the local ambience of his daily life. Four years ago, after finishing his divemaster in Malapascua, he went to Dauin to dive at Apo Island. He figured out that it was okay, but what really blew his mind, is the unusual good diving in Dauin sanctuaries. This is where he met Amado and his family. Which later resulted in the making of Bongo Bongo divers.
Tip: Magnus Imported his own sausage stuffer, ask if there’s time to throw in a sausage party with his own home-made mayonnaise which is mind-blowing!


Divemaster trainee, co-owner & girlfriend of Magnus.
Shayn is a full-time student in Silliman University, but is spending as much time as possible diving in Dauin. Her employment description is that she is a professional beer opener & a diver buddy. But she’s more ambitious than that, soon she will jump out as a new divemaster. Only thing she needs to do is to satisfy her instructor a little more. Don’t be fooled by her shy nature, when she opens up, you won’t believe how funny she is.
Tip: If you want to know anything about make-up tips and diving ask Shayn.


Divemaster & Sea Ranger in Dauin Marine Sanctuary
Marvin has many talents plus he had tried it all. He went to all kinds of crazy jobs but, finally he’s doing what is found in his natural nature. He has great and incredible ability to spot even the tiniest creatures/critters. You’ll never be bored diving with Marvin Bandoles! He always have your back! Marvin is born and raised in Dauin, and knows everyone he’s the guy to ask if you need any help or information about the whole area.
Tip: If you ever consider going to a cockfight, ask marvin to tag along! He is the best in the arena for making your bets go on a long way!


Swimmer & householder, sister in law of Marvin
Nina is always smiling, she love loves to sweep the floor or clean the rooms… Her english is not the best, but when it comes to gardening & weird local plants Nina is the one you might wanna ask. She loves texting so be careful of giving your number to her, maybe she will never stop texting 😉 ! She is single mother with two adorable kids
Tip: If ever you have laundry, try and ask Nina in the morning, and wait…


Snorkeler & daughter of Amado & Ethel.
Inday/Emily is the youngest member of the Bongo Bongo tribe.
Inday is usually to find in the local school in Dauin, when she’s not there she’s doing her homework at the dive shop where there is some smart adults to ask…
She’s a real girl and like to chika chika (means gossip). We are not really sure yet but it seems like she have the power of Houdini and some times disappears without anyone notices it. She dreams of becoming a veterinarian and loves animals…
Tip: Ask Inday where to find the prettiest guys in town – she knows it for sure…


Open water diver & son of Amado & Ethel.
Butch is on his last years in the local school in Dauin. He dreams to become a marine biologist, and is already well on his way… Butch just finished his open water, well deserved after 5 tough days of studying & with the best instructor ever :p ! Butch likes to dance when no one watches him, he also loves pets like his sister… Butch is really good at imitating dog sounds, when they play along together, if you ever doubt an odd sound like a howler monkey in heat, don’t mind it’s just Butch playing…
Tip: If you ever need a good porn website for either your phone PSP or just computer, ask Butch :p !

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