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  • Octopus
    Coconut octopus off the coast of Dauin

Fun diving with Bongo Bongo is ease of mind, our prices are transparent and also the best in the whole area. We have narrowed down the prices for one dive/one day trip for our customers. With this, it’ll benefit you and protect you for no hidden charges.

We are the cheapest dive shop on the coast of Dauin

Our dive shop is small; we do our best to take care of all your needs. As a standard procedure, we gear up for you and wash your equipment. Some people like to do this themselves, if so just let us know so their will be any misunderstandings. We offer a small and personal diving experience, where fun, the divers, and your safety is our top priority.

We have the best rental equipment in the area, that we service on a regular basis.

Our dive schedule changes everyday to new and exciting dive sites, as a bonus we send you with the best looking dm’s from the area 😉 !

You can both dive on the various dive sites reachable from the shore of Dauin, including our house reef. These sites are great for muck diving and their macro life. Our dive guides are very good at spotting the smallest macro life, so make sure you bring your camera! Our house reef is very pretty as well with plenty of fish. We also dive regularly by boat on Apo Island, which has world famous coral reefs with a lot of fish life, nudibranchs, and many sea turtles. It is not rare to see multiple turtles on one dive. Trips further away like in Dumaguete, or on Siquijor island can also be arranged for an additional fee if you can get a large enough group together.

Take a look at our Dive Sites page to read more.


*All prices includes guide, tanks, lead & “normal” sanctuary fees*

Dives incl. equipmentRate
*Min 5 pers. Incl. snacks, lunch, water, coffee & tea
Dauin beach/boat entry1.350 php/dive
Dauin Night dive1.700 php/dive
Apo Island daytrip (3 dives)3.999 php/day*
Dives exclusive equipmentRates
*Min 5 pers. Incl. snacks, lunch, water, coffee & tea
Dauin beach/boat entry1.200 php/dive
Apo Island daytrip (3 dives)3.549 php/day*
Private guide400 php/dive
Dive computer100 php/dive
+60 min dives200 php/dive
Flashlight350 php/dive

Marine Sanctuary & the fees

Dauin has the best and most successful marine sanctuary in the whole Philippines. It all started 19 years ago when the first sanctuaries in Dauin was established. The simplified Idea of the marine sanctuaries is to mark the reefs with buoys, regulated that there should be no fishing allowed beyond it. That helps and protects breeding grounds on the reef to let the bigger fish come and feed on the smaller fish. With all the work done with the sanctuaries in Dauin, comes a small fee every time we dive or snorkel in the area. Those prices are already included in our prices, but there can be additional fees if you bring an underwater camera or if you prefer to do a night dive.

Dauin Sanctuary feesRate
Snorkeling all day50php/day
Dauin Coast150php/dive
Dauin Coast incl. Camera200php/dive
Night Dive500php/dive
Apo IslandRate
*Everyone is obliged to pay the entrance fee (this is included in our Apo Island Tours)
Island entrance fee*100php/day
  • Fun Diving
  • Fun Diving
  • Fun Diving
  • Fun Diving
  • Fun Diving