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Our sweet location

As the only hostel/dive shop in the area, we are placed in the heart of Dauin. A few step away from the 3 best dive sites located in the area. These are accessible only through beach entry, whether you’d like to be muck diving or reef diving; we have it both just in our backyard. This is a place perfect to teach Padi courses, because there is so much different stuff to look at (you will be spoiled from the beginning). We have never taught a PADI course without encountering one of the many local sea turtles feeding from the grassy area or sleeping above the corals.

Dauin is a tiny town; therefor the town center is also small. We are just 5 min away walking distance to the local market. You can find small local hardware stores, fresh fruit, eateries, roasted chicken, and a pizza place. There is still no ATM service in Dauin, best idea is to make sure you bring enough cash for a few days living local. There are a few spot close to the town market you’ll see; it’s the old Spanish Colonial church and a town plaza where the young and old hang outs in the afternoon.

From the market it’s extremely easy to go anywhere you want during the daytime from 6 am – 6 pm and a bit harder before or after, but still manageable. From here there are only local jeepneys, tricycles, buses & habal habal bikes (customized extended motorbike good for 3-4 persons) to get around for a small amount. Dumaguete city is only 15 minutes away in a jeepney or bus which is also the cheapest from 18-20php.

If you love to be a free bird, you can rent a motorbike in Dumaguete (here you can bargain the best deals down to around 200php/day) just make sure the bike is in good condition, and papers are okay. Most of the bikes in the Philippines are not allowed to be rented out; therefor most places will tell you that if you get stopped by the police, tell them you borrowed the bike from a friend. This is totally normal and don’t let it scare you away. On a rented motorbike there is plenty of excursions to make in the area, and if your ass and nut sack is fine with driving couple of hours every day, it’s totally worth it to get around this way. Excursions reachable by bike could be Forrest Camp, Baslay Hot Springs, Twin Lakes, Casaroro Falls, Red Rock Falls, Kokoos Nest, Bais & Mabinay caves…

Dauin volcanic beach life

Dauin with its black/brownish sand- Not a tropical destination you might have in mind, but it’s all led to the volcanic activity around the area. This is the only reason why the sand is different from other dive destinations in the Philippines. The true beauty of Dauin is beneath its surface. This is a place where you can find nothing similar around the world in one hour. Dauin has been hiding its true identity with the rest of the world and only some knows what it’s been hiding. Most people come to the area because of Apo Island ignoring what’s beneath the waters of Dauin. Most of our divers blow their minds after venturing out the coast of Dauin. People really get surprised after the first dive; a number of them can’t stop diving afterwards. It really has some of the world’s best muck diving. In the year 2008 it was voted to be one of the world’s best muck diving in Southeast Asia.

Dauin coast & Muck diving

What is muck diving really about?
Muck diving is diving around sandy areas with some coral patches or old scrap inhabiting the underwater. In between all of this, there are hundreds of weird critters and strange looking fish, designed to protect themselves from predators around. They all take part in a very special eco system you won’t see anywhere else. Most people are fascinated because of this, but after the first dive you’ll be amazed of how much diversity is happening underwater. A very few people find it less exciting but then there’s other dive sites we can bring you! If you are a photographer, this is your true macro paradise on earth. Don’t forget to bring your camera set-up!

Apo Island

It’s never fun to dive around the same area all the time, that’s why second to our heart is Apo Island. Here you can have another kind of world-class diving. Amongst some of the best & most diverse coral reefs the world can offer. Apo Island diving can b exhilarating sometimes, with its drift dives making you fly along the reef through big schools of jacks and many more. Apo Island boasts its walls for diving, massive corals attached on where coral fishes thrive. The rock and coral formations are simply amazing and is always a must-do for us!

Local things to do in the area:

There are always fiestas in the Philippines. Make sure you join one before you leave the country if you have enough time. Almost everyone is always aware which place has a fiesta. We love to bring our guests along for a full on experience with unlimited hugs and smile and oh! Especially the food!

There’s local disco’s & gay shows which you will never want to miss! We will keep you posted but you are always welcome to ask about it.

Negros Island is the cockfighting Island capital of in the Philippines; we also have some of the biggest arenas located around the area. Each neighboring town has its own and usually held its competition every Sunday. That’s 4x a month you shouldn’t miss. It’s an experience like no other.

Along the coast of Dauin, there are a handful of nice and expensive resorts. They allow outside guests to enter and hang around with a low-cost day entrance fee which you can use either for drinks/food.

If you like tequila shots, rum & beers, follow us on a pub crawl in Dumaguete with the whole Bongo Bongo crew! This only happens if we don’t have dives the next day.

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